How to choose carpentry

How to choose carpentry

In order to avoid problems arising from these causes, we suggest that, upon purchasing carpentry with thermal insulating glass, you consider the following:

  1. The thermal transfer coefficient of PVC and PVC profiles with three and five chambers is around 1.3 - 1.6 W / m2k, better for 3-chamber profiles (1.3-1.6 W / m2k) and 1.1-1.3 W / m2k for 5-chamber profiles.
  2. CAUTION! Not only the number of air chambers counts for good insulation but also the total thickness of the profile, from the outside to the inside, varying between 60 - 70 mm and also the package of glass that you choose
  3. The most important part of the thermal insulation is the thermo-insulating glass. Given the favorable evolution of the prices in recent years, we can almost say that, for living spaces (houses, apartments), it is inconceivable to use a thermo-insulating glass that is not low-e glass, and it is recommended to use one even with argon.
  4. Low price differences do not justify not taking into account this type of glass, given the benefits of the insulation which is at least two times better as the one of normal insulating glass.
  5. Also, the total thickness of the double pane window package must be at least 24 mm and 32 mm for tri-pane glass, a lower thickness resulting in a lower insulation capacity
  6. For spaces with other destination (halls, garages, etc.) where the need for insulation is not so important, you can also opt for "economic" options.

How to choose the double pane glass package

For the direct consumer, windows become important when they realize they need to change or provide their home with new ones. Often, they purchase windows based on recommendations and knowing little about the product.

Our goal is to keep you informed so you can make a favorable buying decision because the windows are long-term investments and you have to make sure you get the most out of them.

It is known that windows enjoy the most attention during autumn when temperatures start to drop. The reason is simple: people heat their homes in order to cope with the cold winter temperatures and reduce the heating costs of the home.

A similar phenomenon happens when the temperatues increase, but, in this case, the attention is directed to air conditioning systems and the drop of the maintenance costs is considered less important, compared to winter.

NICOMI meets the needs of consumers and offers them the optimal solution for both situations: the new solar control 4SEASONS glass. Glass with solar control properties has long been used in the curtain wall industry.

4 SEASONS glass reaches the highest level of sun protection offered by windows. Thanks to its remarkable qualities, it reduces the greenhouse effect that occurs in summer in the homes and leads to a better thermal efficiency of the home in any season as a result of reducing the energy consumption necessary to maintain optimal comfort.

The 4 SEASONS glass has radically influenced the qualities of a modern window. Thus, besides the known thermal protection qualities during the cold season, 4 SEASONS added sun protection qualities during the summer.

Exceptional protection qualities of the 4 SEASONS glass are not only visible in summer, windows with this type of glass benefitting from the same advanced level of protection and frost during the cold season. Therefore, regardless of the season, 4 SEASONS glass windows are the optimal solution for the needs of any consumer


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Our company offers clients a high degree of professionalism, respect, quality and a fair price. It is very important for us to be able to help you choose the product you need, depending on your budget, not to encounter any problems in working with us, to recommend us warmly to business partners or relatives, neighbors, friends.

We are waiting for all categories of clients: block tenants, builders, tenant associations, etc.

We have an active bidding department, you can call for an offer, and within 1 hour you will receive an offer from a sales representative.

We offer transportation and installation.

Payment methodes

  • 40 % advance payment and 60% payment upon installation;
  • 50 % advance payment and 50% payment upon installation;
  • 80 % advance payment and 20% payment upon installation.

5 year warranty for profiles.


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