The window for the perfect home.

GENEO® is the most energy-efficient 86-mm-wide profile system on the construction market.

With GENEO® profiles you can make the most energy-efficient windows in their class.

You'll get the comfortable climate you've always wanted.

RAU-FIPRO®, the innovative recipe of REHAU brand material, ensures both the highest stability and durability, as well as static characteristics that have not been possible so far without reinforcing steel profiles.

With RAU-FIPRO®, after the construction of Formula 1 and Airplanes, this fiber composite is used for the first time also in the construction of windows.


  • Fully reinforced window profile system without additional steel reinforcement
  • Excellent stability thanks to HightechRAU-FIPRO® material, improved construction of the integrated stiffening system profile (IVS)
  • Using the appropriate glass, the GENEO profiles are suitable for passive houses
  • Visible side of 115 mm for optimum brightness
  • Storage and rational production due to complete pre-reinforcement.
  • Easy handling and mounting due to the weight advantage of up to 40% of the profile systems
  • Functional rooms for thermomodulating optimization of profile insulating characteristics
  • High tread depth (66 mm) for triple pane glass mounting
  • Reduced closing pressure, resulting in a lighter opening and closing due to innovative gasket geometry
  • Environmentally friendly, being recyclable

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