Geneo Rau Fipro X

Geneo Rau Fipro X
Geneo Rau Fipro X
Geneo Rau Fipro X

Redefining the windows - thanks to RAU-FIPRO X

With the help of RAU FIPRO, REHAU revolutionized the windows market in 2008. The principle of fiber-reinforced composite materials - known to date, especially in the field of motor sports or in the field of aircraft construction - was used for windows for the first time and combines better features of glass and PVC fibers.

Since then, a lot has changed: from your favorite architectural styles to individual window design requirements and features to the wishes of having a higher level of durability.

REHAU would not be REHAU if we did not even work to build windows that perfectly blend the current lifestyle, architectural trends and your demands.

The time has come to continue the success story of RAU FIPRO …



  • Elements 10% bigger
  • White, without reinforcement, with a height of up to 280 cm
  • Color, without reinforcement, with a height of up to 220 cm


  • RAU FIPRO X profiles are completely reinforced, without steel, to the corners, without the need for additional gluing.
  • Load transfer is done in all directions.
  • Increased thermal resistance ensures maximum stability - particularly important in terms of increasing number of colorful, faded profiles.


  • With more than 50% glass fiber in profiles with proven static efficiency, cans weighing up to 150 kg can be supported, allowing for the integration of secure glazing and glazing for high-noise sound insulation.
  • Profiles have thus become up to 40% lighter than the competitors' systems.
  • This makes processing and mounting easier.
  • The RAU-FIPRO X profile windows reduce noise by up to 47 dB.
  • The RAU-FIPRO X profile windows easily meet the specifications of the RC resistance class 2.
  • Also, the requirements of the RC 3 resistance class can easily be met by applying the appropriate additional measures.


  • 90% of all RAU FIPRO X frames are delivered without metal reinforcement. Thus, unwanted thermal bridges are avoided. Free rooms can be used for additional thermal insulation measures. And in combination with the triple thermal insulation glass, extraordinary Uw values of up to 0.60 W / m2K can be achieved.
  • Window profiles in RAU FIPRO X are certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

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