NICOMI plant uses MACO hardware to equip pvc carpentry from Rehau and Aluplast profiles,which is an unquestionable leader in both pvc door and window fittings and many other areas of activity.


  • MACO Multimatic hardware has a high corrosion resistance (Black Sea window makers use maco fittings because it is the most resistant in the saline market)
  • The MACO Multimatic hardware hinges support 120 KG compared to other hardware supporting 80-100 KG
  • The lower MACO Multimatic hardware hinge is adjustable in 3 directions (3D)
  • The hinge bolt is an anti-burglary. It can only be removed under special conditions. The hinges have a teflon bush that does not allow the bolt to fall over time. The bolt remains stuck in the first slot of the hinge.
  • Multimatic MACO hardware is equipped with a system against wrong operation that places the sash on the frame (vertical adjustment). When the window deviates in time, the system against the wrong operation brings the sash to the adjusted position at the moment of assembly
  • The mushroom type closure rods of MACO Multi-matic hardware can be adjusted to height (self-adjusting)
  • The mushroom type closure rods have a much smaller friction on the plate than the classic (easier operation of the fittings).
  • The MACO Multimatic hardware is equipped with stepped microventilation
  • The oppose on the frame is an anti-burglary one
  • For 2-leaf windows, the inactive shutter will be driven in one operation with a central lever. (there will be no 2 up and down operations)
  • The manufacturer of the Multimatic MACO hardware guarantees 20,000 closing-opening cycles compared to other hardware manufacturers that guarantee for 15,000 cycles
  • MACO is one of the leading European manufacturers of hardware
  • MACO Multimatic hardware is specifically treated with Chrome by a process called Silver Lock. Factory wrought hardware is a MACO innovation and achieves the uniformity of hardware coverage. Benefiting from these two processes, the MACO hardware has a much smaller friction coefficient between its elements, resulting in an extended life span.
  • The MACO Multimatic hardware is 100% produced in Austria, at Triben and Salzburg
  • The MACO Multimatic can also be equipped with a fake handle + lock. This system is mounted only on the counter on the frame. It has an increased advantage when installing the window.
  • With the introduction of the MACO hardware, Nicomi Factory promotes the Hoppe handle window as standard. The MACO Multimatic hardware is approved at Rosenheim
  • MACO Multimatic Hardware offers a wide range of solutions for making irregularly shaped oscillating openings.

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