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NICOMI, founded in 1991, located in Satu Mare, Satu Mare County, 250 B Lucian Blaga Street, on one of the most circulating arteries of the city, benefits from all the advantages for continuous expansion, to attract new successful partnerships.

The current partnerships have grounded business relationships, providing stability and sustainability, being crowned with respect, promoting interest in future products and offers.

The management team consists of well-organized people with experience in marketing and development, along with the technical team, a professional team with an important backgroud in the field.

Our company has contributed to the finalization of projects initiated by large local and national companies, ensuring the necessity of PVC and aluminum carpentry, leaving its mark on the quality of the installations.

Combining in an efficient way the expertise of REHAU, ALUPLAST and CORTIZO specialists with the professionalism of their own team, SC NICOMI SRL has set as its main objective the satisfaction of the clients' requirements in PVC and aluminum carpentry.


Innovations and development are the key values of the Nicomi philosophy. We strive to achieve a high quality standard through our products, use the latest technology and deliver perfect solutions. The fact that we have become a leading company, in terms of technology, is due to focusing on our customers and their requirements, which often is a further incentive to improve our products


Compatibility is the basis of our product development policy. Designing products that allow for a multitude of combinations enables us to permanently expand our product range and at the same time gives us the freedom to choose the solutions best suited to market requirements. Thus, by developing existing systems, we are constantly establishing new standards.


The key to success is intensive contact with our customers. It is this approach which allows us to achieve a synergistic effect of our actions.


Most certainly, our biggest strength is our flexibility. Fast communication channels and simple structures allow us to respond quickly and dynamically to customer and market demands.

To that matter, our company offers to its clients, besides a wide range of models and colors of doors and windows, also a wide range of professional services:

  • free advice on choosing door models, shades, glass patterns, etc .;
  • free travelling at the client's home for taking the necessary measurements
  • free transportation within the municipality and unbeatable prices in other localities;
  • professional installation by qualified teams;
  • quick, on-time delivery.


  • To be a provider of international services and products in the field;
  • To provide professional support to installers / builders and designers;
  • To provide these products and services with the most efficient distribution method for our partners;
  • To create power and value through an effective TARGET partnership;
  • To be the top of the industry, for our product range;
  • To be the number one in customer service. We believe in the PARTNERSHIP POWER!

Your interest in our products and services will show us that you are ready to appreciate the true quality.


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Address: B-dul Lucian Blaga nr. 250 B
City Satu Mare
County Satu Mare
Mobile: 040733-944.408
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